Standard Configuration

This is the key for the .env configuration file. The default file does not contain all possible variables. You may need to consult some of the additional variables below if an advanced configuration is needed.


# .env file


# defaults to warn, debug useful for development


# PLEASE change this and store it in a safe place.  Encrypted data like passwords
# to integrate with external systems (like TAXII) use this key

# AND this too

# ALSO change and store in a safe place

#This sets the name of your project.  Will show up in the name of your containers.

#This is where the mongodb mounts.

Description of contents:

VECTR_HOSTNAME - hostname used by VECTR. Used to generate self signed certs if certs aren't provided. Also used by the authentication workflow internally. If you access VECTR from an incorrect hostname while the page may load you will get an invalid ticket error. Change the hostname and restart your containers.

VECTR_PORT - The port on which the VECTR docker tomcat container listens for HTTPS connections, defaults to 8081

VECTR_CONTAINER_LOG_LEVEL - Log level for container scripts. This is set to Warn by default. Change to DEBUG if additional logging is needed.

MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME - The default root username for mongodb when it is first initalized.

VECTR_DATA_KEY - Encryption key for VECTR Mongo database. If using external services to interface with VECTR those services may need this name.

CAS_ENCRYPT_MONGO_KEY - Encryption key for CAS Mongo .

MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD - Root password set for the login of the mongodb database

COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME - This determines the container naming scheme

VECTR_DATA_DIR - This is the location where VECTR's mongo database will persist its data.

Optional Elements

CA_PASS - If providing a certificate which requires a password enter it here. For details see SSL Configuration.