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Default Root User

A default root admin user is automatically created when VECTR is initialized. This user has full access to the application and cannot be deleted nor its permissions revoked.


We recommend using a strong password for the root user and enabling MFA. Be sure to securely store the MFA recovery codes in case your MFA device is lost or unavailable.


A user is an entity that you create which represents the person that will interact with VECTR. The primary use case for a user account is to give people the ability to sign into VECTR and interact with the application GUI. A secondary use case is to provide programmatic access to VECTR through its API. When you create a user, you grant it permissions by making it a member of a group that has appropriate permission policies attached (recommended), or by directly attaching policies to the user.


A group is a collection of users. You can use groups to specify permissions for a collection of users, which can make those permissions easier to manage for those users. For example, you could have a group called Admins and give that group the types of permissions that administrators typically need. Any user in that group automatically has the permissions that are assigned to the group.