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Managing Groups

The Groups page provides the ability to manage all groups in VECTR. To access this page and manage groups, you need the IAMFullAccess policy.

Viewing Groups

  1. Log into the VECTR as an admin.

  2. From top navigation, choose the Configuration cog in the top right VECTR Configuration and select Asset Management.

  3. Click on the Groups tab.

Group Listing

Here is an overview of the UI components:

Icon Description
Edit Edit a group.
Delete Delete a group.
Refresh Refresh the group list.
Table columns Configure table columns.

Editing a Group

To edit a group, from the Groups page, click on the button.

  1. The following fields can be edited:

    • Group Name.
    • Description.
  2. Click Add Users to add or remove users from the group.

  3. Click Add Policies to add or remove policies from the group.

  4. Click Save.

Deleting a Group


When you delete a group, all group members are removed from the group and any policies attached to the group are detached. Deleting a group may adversely affect the permissions of any users that were members of the group. Please use caution when deleting a group.

To delete a group, from the Groups page, click on the button. In the confirmation box, click YES to accept.