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Managing SSO Users

SSO users need approval from a VECTR administrator before they can access VECTR. SSO users who log into VECTR for the first time will see a prompt (shown below) notifying them that an administrator will need to approve their account before they can log in.

VECTR Auth Request

Approving an SSO User

Any VECTR user with the ManageIAM policy can approve access requests from SSO users. To approve an SSO user:

  1. Log into VECTR as an admin or user with ManageIAM policy
  2. From the left navigation, go to Administration Access Management
  3. Locate the SSO user to approve, they are distinguishable by a person icon

    VECTR Auth Request

  4. Click on the hamburger icon for the corresponding user, then click Approve

    VECTR Auth Request

  5. On the approval screen, verify that you are approving the correct user

  6. Select the groups the user should belong to
  7. Click Save