Keep in mind….

These notes are for those interested in running VECTR on unsupported platforms. The containerization landscape is still rapidly changing and these may change in the future.

Ubuntu 20.04

While the latest LTS version hasn't been fully vetted it appears to be fully functional with a different set of dependencies.

sudo apt-get install docker-compose unzip

Other Ubuntu(Non-LTS)

Docker is only officially supported on LTS releases. While it may be functional on other platforms it is not supported.


Kubernetes is an orchestration platform that works on top of Docker or other container platforms. If you would like to use Kubernetes there's no reason you could not, but we do not have a deployment plan at this time. Our docker-compose and .env files could be used as a template to build this type of deployment if you wished.


Starting with version 8 CentOS/RHEL has no Docker support for the community edition. The replacement Poodman is "docker compatible" but lacks any docker-compose compatability and is inteded to be used with an orchestration platform like Kubernetes. Any Podman deployment would require some for of setup/orchestation like the docker-compose we support on other platforms.

Windows or MacOS

While Docker will run on Windows and MacOS platforms initial research suggested large engineering barriers to deployment. It is not supported.

CentOS 6 & Amazon Linux v1

These lack systemd, a critical component required for Docker.