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Other Operating Systems

Keep in mind…

VECTR is designed to be container platform-agnostic. We document and support Ubuntu LTS Docker installs for ease of use for our community members whom aren't familiar with containerization. Below we have some information on running VECTR on other platforms.

ARM Operating Systems

VECTR containers are only compiled for x86_64 operating systems. ARM platforms are not supported.

Kali Linux

VECTR is intended to be a server-based web application and not a desktop tool. While Kali is Debian-based and Docker should work, it is not officially supported.


Kubernetes is an orchestration platform that works on top of Docker or other container platforms. We do know of community members that have used Kubernetes successfully. Our docker-compose and .env files could be used as a template to build this type of deployment if you wish.


CentOS is tentatively supported by Docker but RHEL is not. It is not advisable to install on either at this time due to the relationship issues between RHEL/CentOS and Docker.

CentOS/RHEL 8/9

Starting with version 8, CentOS/RHEL has no Docker support for the community edition. The replacement Podman is "docker compatible" but lacks any docker-compose compatibility and is intended to be used with an orchestration platform like Kubernetes. Any Podman deployment would require some form of setup/orchestration like the docker-compose tool supported on other platforms.


Podman should work on platforms where it is supported, but we do not offer support for it with community edition.

Windows or MacOS

VECTR is intended to be a server-based web application and not a desktop tool. It may run on Docker for Desktop on those platforms, but it is not supported or recommended.

CentOS 6 & Amazon Linux v1

These lack systemd, a critical component required for Docker.