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SSL Configuration through ENV file

ENV File SSL Configuration Settings

VECTR's .env file can be modified to include an SSL public key certificate and a private key. Existing key restrictions still apply. Both public and private key must be in PEM format and may not be encrypted.

An additional requirement to public and private key certs included in the ENV file is they must have all newline characters replaced with \n. VECTR will not be able to load without replacing newling characters.

VECTR_SSL_CRT - may be set with the public key certificate

VECTR_SSL_KEY - may be set with a private key



Additionally, if the SSL configuration is messed up it can be reset by adding the following to VECTR's .env file.


After restarting with this flag set, bring down the containers and remove it from your .env file. Otherwise, VECTR will generate new certs every time it restarts.