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Managing Users

The Users listing page provides actions for managing users, including editing and deleting users, viewing user access, and resetting a user’s password.

Viewing Users

  1. Log into the VECTR as an admin.

  2. From top navigation, choose the Configuration cog in the top right VECTR Configuration and select Asset Management.

  3. Click on the Users tab.

User Listing

Here is an overview of the UI components:

Icon Description
Lock Signifies that the account is locked. A VECTR admin or user with IAMFullAccess permissions can unlock the account from the "hamburger" menu.
Approve An SSO user that needs to be approved before they can access VECTR. Learn about approving SSO users on the SSO Users page.
Federate A local user account that can be federated through SSO. Learn about user federation on the SSO Users page.
Edit Edit the user.
Menu The vertical ellipsis (or “hamburger”) menu that contains additional actions that can be performed on a user. This is a contextual menu and will display different things depending on the user.
Refresh Refresh the user list.
Configure Configure table columns.

Editing a User

To edit a user, from the Users tab, click on the pencil icon.

The following fields can be edited:

  • Full Name.

  • (Optional) Require password change. Selecting this will force the user to change their password at next sign-in.

Editing a User’s Permission

To edit a user's permission, from the Users page, click on the hamburger menu for the corresponding user. Click on Edit, then:

  1. Click on Set Permissions.
  2. Modify the permissions as necessary.
  3. Click Save.


To disable a user’s credential, i.e. prevent them from accessing VECTR, simply remove all groups and policies that are assigned to the user.

Resetting a User’s Password


If the user has MFA enabled, their MFA will be removed if you reset their password.

When you reset a user’s password, the user will be required to change their password at next sign-in.

To reset a user’s password, from the Users page, click on the hamburger menu for the corresponding user. Then click on Reset Password.

Choose a reset option:

  • Auto-generated password. Select this to auto-generate a random password. The random password will be 14 characters long and contain alphanumeric characters.

  • Custom password. Enter a password of your choice.

If you’ve chosen to auto-generate a password, the password will be shown after clicking Reset Password.

Deleting a User


You cannot recover a deleted user.

Delete a user to permanently remove them from VECTR. If you only need to temporarily prevent a user from accessing the application, you can remove the user's permissions instead of deleting the user. See Editing a User’s Permission above for instructions on how to disable a user’s credential.

To delete a user, from the Users page, click on the hamburger menu for the corresponding user. Then click on Delete. In the confirmation box, click YES to accept and delete the user.

When you delete a user, the following information are removed:

  • The user record

  • Any group memberships

  • Any API keys belonging to the user

  • MFA device (if enabled)