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A user is an entity that you create to represent the person that uses it to interact with VECTR.

There are two ways a user can interact with the application:

  • Through the website via a username and password.
  • API Key: A combination of an access key ID and secret key. You can use the API key to make programmatic calls to the application via the REST or GraphQL API.

User Types

Currently, there is one type of user:

  • Local User. These are user accounts that are fully managed in VECTR. The accounts live in the local MongoDB. Local users are assigned a username and password. The username uniquely identifies the user in the system.

User Account Deletion

When a user account, whether local or external is deleted, the person associated with the user account will no longer have access to VECTR.

Local Users

When a local user account is deleted, a new user can be created using the previously deleted username. This provides the ability to create a new user account for the same person in the event that the user account was mistakenly deleted.


If you need to temporarily remove access to a user, instead of deleting the account, remove all permissions from the account. This will prevent the person associated with the user account from accessing the application, but will keep the account in the system should they need access later.