Installation Troubleshooting with Limited Network Connectivity

Use the following instructions to install VECTR in an environment with limited networking connectivity.

This includes environments such as:

  • Internal DNS used that blocks, proxies, redirects, or otherwise doesn't forward connections to Ubuntu/Debian APT repos
  • Heavily proxied corporate environments with non-standard forwarding
  • Lab environments with no external connectivity

The following packages are required:

  • docker-ce
  • docker-compose

You will need to download the images manually and have them copied onto the host. You can do this from any Linux machine with Docker installed and access to Docker Hub

sudo docker pull securityriskadvisors/vectr_tomcat:5.5.7
sudo docker pull mongo:4.2 
sudo docker save securityriskadvisors/vectr_tomcat:5.5.7 > ~/tomcat557.tar
sudo docker save mongo:4.2 > ~/mongo42.tar

Take the .tar files and move them onto the server you intend to install VECTR on. From there you can load the images as follows:

  1. Install the tomcat image:
sudo docker load -i tomcat557.tar
  1. Install the mongodb image:
sudo docker load -i mongo42.tar
  1. Now you can run the docker-compose command after configuring .env from the normal install instructions.